Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week #9 (the Final-ish)

Hola Familia y Amigos!

This is my last week in the MTC, I'm so excited/nervous/anxious to be out to the field! As of 11:30 AM on Monday morning I will be outside of the gates of this "prison" (figuratively) and headed to the crazy crazy world of a missionary. The whole district has gotten the OK to go to Chile (even my companion, whose MRI came back showing very minor abnormalities...nothing that will majorly affect his work) and eventhough we have two missions we all get the same flights. The 20 something of us headed to Chile (more than 1 district) and going to have all of those planes converted by the time we land! :D

Everything at home sounds super busy and exciting, lots of changes. And I'm sure the calling as bishop kinda surprised Bro. Adams yet again. LOL! And what about swine flu? We've got several in quarantine here and they are allowed nowhere for 7 full days, several are held from leaving for the field to (none of our zone is in "club med" though). I'm sure Amanda was not happy at all. Pues...

Mamá: ¡Felicidades! It is awesome that you got the new job...hope it turns out to be a good opportunity (however, don't freak out because of the amount of technology you will have to use). I can't wait to get to call you, I've got 500 minutes on a calling card so I don't think it will be a big deal to have to get you to call me back, and I'll be able to call from SLC and from DFW (with time left on the card). And I can't believe you just got a new phone and now you have another one...LOL. I unfortunately will not be able to call from Chile until Christmas, but when I get there I'll write a handwritten letter which will be scanned into the computer and sent electronically with a picture of me with the president and one with my trainer. Texas is going to make me trunky between flying in, laying over, and flying out...but I can't wait to be home for a little bit anyways. Oh, and my ring size...I don't know, but my class ring is in one of my boxes (the one without any clothes that is more boxy shaped...I'm not sure which one exactly, sorry!).

Papá: Wow! Your story really makes me miss being at home and hearing those every morning...keep the interesting ones coming though. I understand the whole being tired thing now as we go, go, go about 17 hours a day here in the MTC and el campo is going to be about the same...YAY!!! (kinda sarcastic, kinda not). I didn't know Ryah was actually getting to be a chicken vendor, but congrats to her...(I've got letters heading your way tomorrow). Good luck continuing with the house and keeping Gabe hard at work. And please don't laugh to hard at my letter, it is completely in Spanish and I suck with accents...LOL

So, one last quick story...yesterday we taught in the TRC again. We taugh the Plan of Salvation with Tithing as a commitment. Our investigator's name was Hna. Clark and she spoke really slow, but rather good Spanish. The lesson was filled with the Spirit and it was amazing how we felt at the end of the lesson. It was a great pick-me-up for the rest of the MTC and a good way to end out a fairly stressful week.

I love you all and hope to hear back soon. Enjoy the ability to respond quickly while it lasts (the next 3-ish days). I look forward to talking to you on Wednesday.

¡Todo mi amor!


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