Saturday, July 11, 2009

Return Trip

So, the countdown continues... I've got less than 1 month of work at Randall Medical Clinic left, my "farewell" is in the works (I'll keep everyone posted on that), and I leave in about a month and a half... Boy time flies!!!

Today I had the opportunity to make my first return trip to the temple since receiving my own endowments. I drove down by myself to the Houston Temple for the three o'clock session that my friend from Cub Scouts was going to be attending to receive his own endowments. I arrived at the temple around two o'clock in plenty of time to get ready and have a little bit of chill time before the session. After changing I was waiting in the upstairs lobby for my friend and his parents, and waiting, and waiting. Turns out that they had gotten there early and had been asked if they were interested in attending the two o'clock session instead, of course they jumped at it. At about a quarter til three I went into the chapel and look around at the hand full of people there. A few minutes later the session coordinator came in and announced that the session would be broadcasted in Spanish and that anybody that would need to hear the session in English would have to have it translated (luckily the only English speakers were out numbered 7 to about 30). I can now say that I have been through my first Spanish endowment session (kinda cheating that I listened in English though).

The session ended at about 5:30 and in the dressing room I ran into my friend and his dad, and then in the lobby I see his mom. She informs me that they knew a member of the temple presidency and had been asked if they wanted to attend the two o'clock and had been sitting in the sealing for a little while (the only reason I ran into them). We then went outside and took pictures on the temple grounds and talked for a little bit and then went our separate ways.

I can definitely say that the Spirit was with me in the temple today and that it is a different experience doing the ordinances for someone else than it is for myself. I challenge each of you who read this that have an opportunity to attend the temple and perform vicarious ordinances to pray that the Spirit of those you are serving is with you and that you may feel of the impact the work you are doing really has and what it means to them.

P.S. Love you Boyer family!!!