Saturday, October 24, 2009

MTC - The Last Days

¡Día de Preparación!

¡Dos Más Días!

Pues, as I promised familia here is another e-mail headed your way...yesterday we weren't sure we'd get it because the branch president said no, but it looks like the district presidency already had it unlocked for us today (WOOT!). Today is a busy, busy (yet relaxed) day, if that makes sense. We have p-day until 6 o'clock PM for packing and getting everything ready to go to Chile on Monday since we leave the MTC at 11:30 Monday Morning.

I did get the package, sorry it was kinda last minute but until I got flight plans it wasn't really neccessary and I didn't want to have to send much extra stuff home. I plan on sending a package today with a gift for you (Mom & Dad) and a bunch of the letters I've received as to avoid packing them (and anything else I decide to send). I'm sooo looking forward to being on the plane for over 13 hours...NOT!!! Luckily we have a night time flight so we get to sleep the whole way. There will be at least 24 Chile bound missionaries on that flight (13-Santiago North, 11-Viña del Mar) so our goal is to convert the whole plane on the 10 and 1/2 hour flight from DFW to Santiago. Ought to be fun!

Mom, just to answer your random question: the MTC has its own laundromat...LOL. And it is free (except soap and stuff).

I'm looking forward to Tuesday morning anxiously (some nervous, but mostly excited). I'm really hoping my trainer is a native (not sure why...maybe so I don't have an option but to speak Español). I'm mostly nervous about the unexpected, but it will be a good experience!

Shout out: I heard from Uncle John, so I'll try to get an e-mail back to him this morning. Just a notice to everyone using conventional mail. As of now it would be better to send any letters to me through either one of the 2 addresses in Chile or through (both take about the same amount of time).

Ryah: I didn't think I'd ever say this, but...YOU NEED TO LEARN TO DRIVE MY CAR (aka the Honda)!!! And I did write you on Wednesday (it is a handwritten letter that I sent Thursday morning). Send me your e-mail so I can write you that way too maybe... :D

Mom: Sounds like work is going good, I know you'll be able to get them all lined out eventually (I still can't picture you with technology though).

Dad: Thanks for forwarding the e-mail to the aunts/uncles! I'm hoping to hear from the all soon.

I miss you all and look forward to talking to you on Monday! I better get back to laundry/packing/all that other fun stuff.

¡Nos vemos en 22 domingos del ayuno!

¡Todo mi amor!

-- Elder Todd

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