Thursday, October 15, 2009

MTC week #8

¡Hola Familia!

Wow! It does not feel like I've been in the MTCfor 8 weeks already (MTC time, really 7 weeks). And it really doesn't feel like we should be getting travel plans tomorrow and leaving a week from Monday! The feeling is so surreal. I'll send you a letter tomorrow night after we have our flight plans and I'll answer some more of your questions then.

So, last Friday we had the Chilean ambassador to the United States visit our class while at the MTC. He was kinda intimidating yet down to earth at the same time (does that make sense?). The visit was about 25 minutes and he spoke almost completely in Spanish the entire time, except after he told us we needed to work harder. The last thing he said was that the language we are learning here is totally different than what we will be using in Chile (apparently Chile has the most slang, and aspirates their S's). He did kinda fill us in on a little more information about Chile that we would be figuring out in the coming months, but it is kinda good to have a heads up ahead of time.

Mom: ¡Lo siento! I forgot to mention that I loved the birthday gift, I've worn the tie quite a few times. And I've got no idea what would be good for Christmas as we were given Spanish escrituras when we got here. (I'll write more about that tomorrow too). That is awesome that we've had 3 convert baptisms in the last couple weeks! As we've had one prior to that in the past few years... And awesome about the good news in the e-mail today!!! Hope all works out. And what do you mean you are cleaning my room, I guess you and Belli are the only ones convinced it is my room (as I will never see it again). And by the way there was a method to my shoe box madness, they work well to ship stuff in... Wow, the house sounds like it is coming along! I can't wait to see it finished when I get back.

Dad: Wow, we got a missionary that is related to Aunt Connie, have you e-mailed her yet? And Gabe is taking the initiative to go out with the missionaries or at least work with them, that is good to hear too. I understand the squishy, we got rained on coming back from the temple today, so I felt pretty squishy too... I kinda miss the East Texas weather right now, but it is decent here (I can't complain too much). Still no bishopric!!! What has this ward come to! LOL. Have I been released from my callings yet? And I agree with the house comment, one thing does always lead to another.

So, these past couple of days have been interesting. My companion is having a hard time with health problems. He has prior back injuries and we've got him scheduled for an MRI in the morning to rule out a herniated disk. His pain has been back for about 48 hours, worse than ever. Keep him in your prayers! He is freaking out because there is a possibility that if it is herniated he will be reassigned to a different mission (stateside). Not fun at all.

All is well here and I'm starting to get anxious about going to Chile, a little bit is nervous anxiety but most is excitement. I miss you all and love you.

I love this work and the Spirit that is felt in it, even when we are getting bashed down by general authorities like on Tuesday night (more about that later). Love you all and talk to you soon.

-- Elder Todd

P.S. Tomorrow my companion and I "get" to leave the res. never to return...LOL. JK. Who knows how long we'll be gone though, so seeing the inside of a imaging center lobby might be the highlight of my day tomorrow. :D

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