Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MTC Week 7

Can anyone believe that I've got twice as much time me in the MTC than I have to go? I definitely can't and it is continuing to fly by!

Sooo, this week...Conference was fantastic!!! I got so much out of all the sessions, and it was amazing that we were "required" to attend all sessions (unfortunately that resulted in us sitting in the same room for 15+ hours this weekend). This whole experience is great. We are now officially the oldest District in our Zone with a district that came in today and one next week! Woot!

Dad: Sorry about last week's e-mail and letter, turns out I responded to almost everything anyways. That really sucks about the house, Mom didn't go into that much detail. It sounds like everything with the stake calling is working out better and that the ward/stake is surviving without me! LOL! As far as I've heard there is not much talk about H1N1 in Chile & so far there has not been one word uttered about a vaccine in the MTC for it. But I should probably get the Flu shot because I was sick when I could have the first time...oops! And apparently the flu wasn't a big cause in restricting MTC (just a good excuse) because they still have local visitors in and out of here all the time (dignitaries, BYU staff, volunteers, etc.).

Mom: Sorry in advance that I probably won't be able to break the Geenan stuff, fortunately I'm a long ways away for now and will be farther soon. That means I don't have to worry about spankings for a while! LOL! And what about my car!!! (Yes, I said MY CAR!!!) Ryah has been driving it for how long and has already run it into a mailbox! Hahaha! What a loser...jk. Sounds kinda familiar actually.

Wow! This time is flying. I've got just under 3 weeks left here, with travel plans arriving sometime next week depending on exactly when we fly out. I'm super excited to be headed to Chile, but kinda apprehensive about getting down there and not exactly knowing what to expect. You here all kinds of stories here in the MTC, but hopefully over the next few weeks with the Chilean Ambassador to the US & our teaching coordinator (who is from Chile) we can have some of the myths dispelled. This work is hard but it is so rewarding!

I miss everyone at home and wish them all the best of luck in whatever endeavors they are pursuing. Love you all!

¡Todo mi amor! ¡Besos!

-- Elder Todd

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