Monday, August 22, 2011

Dorsal 1 - Week #17 Last letter home

Hola for the last time from Chile!!!

I can't believe that I'm currently sitting in Quilicura and I've got lunch with one of my two Chilean families in 2 hours!!! AHHH!!! It feels like yesterday that I was here, and I'm absolutely excited to see Victor & Sandra again!

Just a quick run-down of how everything is going to work on Monday... (we're going to get the "trunky" part out first thing)... We'll be in the mission home from about 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM, with interviews, lunch, testimony meeting, and all that jazz. From there we'll probably go straight to the airport for check-in and to say our last goodbyes to the Essig's. Then I'm be "leaving on a jet plane" towards Miami. I'll have a little bit of time in the airport to call if you want, but I figured I'd let the suspense build up a little bit and wait til I see ya'll in Dallas (besides, I've got to pass through customs, change terminals, check-in my luggage again, and eat breakfast at McDonalds!!!). To make a long story short, I'll be seeing you on Tuesday but you won't get an e-mail from me on Monday (and you probably won't get a phone call either since I don't have anybody's cell phone number)!

Just to let everyone know... I am a little bit jealous about the Mac Book! But just a little bit, I think I'd have to get used to a Mac to be really jealous because I've worked with PC's all my life!

This week didn't have quite the results that we were expecting. Our expectations exceeded our excitement to fulfill them. In the beginning of the week everything started failing, as we were trying to work in both of the sectors, and we finally decided that we should only be focusing on our side. When we made that decision everything picked back up a little bit, but it was too late to recover completely!

The Calderón family are still doing great for their baptism this weekend. We are actually going to hold the baptismal service Saturday night (I cheated)! Sunday morning they should be confirmed. I feel like they are my second Chilean family, but I feel a little more distant with them than with the Cerda Araya family.

We can now almost count the days on one hand! I'm telling all of the members that say that I'm trunky that I'm not counting, but that I can count the days with my fingers! I'm seriously going to miss this ward!

So, Mom, I'm thinking about extending my mission!!!... Actually, the Area here gives very, very few extensions. The visa for Chile is really easy to get, especially for the Church, but we've already got a ton of missionaries, we don't need more. There are 7 more of us leaving on Monday (4 went last week), and 23 Elders arrive on Tuesday... The mission is growing again!

Time is running short, but I'm super excited to see ya'll in a few short days! The feeling are definitely bitter-sweet, especially today!

Love ya'll lots and I almost don't have to miss ya'll!


-- Élder Todd

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