Monday, August 15, 2011

Dorsal 1 - Week #16

Buenas Tardes Familia Mia!

Hope all is well in casa this week! Nothing too exiting has been happening here in my half of the world. I'm currently listening to one of the many strikes that is going to be happening in the next couple of weeks between the workers and the public education system here in Chile... (I'm not going to miss the chaos)...

I'm officially enjoying my time here in Dorsal 1! This week we worked our tails off to teach with the members and got to Friday with only 1 lesson with a member present! AHHHH!!! But this weekend we saw really how hard we can work when we aren't sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves... We ended the week having taught 13 lessons with members (and not just the easy ones). In the last weeks I've really been reflecting on the wards that I've been in and their involvement with our work as missionaries. Overall I've seen that Chile lacks alot of participation with the investigators and new members; but of all my wards, I think I've enjoyed Dorsal the most and gotten the most help in this ward!

Missionary work really is differente when the members are involved. We are trying our hardest to get a larger portion of the ward members involved in what we are doing, but it is taking alot more effort than it should! I feel really bad now that I didn't leave very much with the missionaries when I was at home... hopefully it is something I can do more when I get back (my schedule allowing).

I'm excited to hear that the ward is ready for me to be home. It is tough though to not hear from anybody much during these 2 years away. If ya'll want to plan something for when I get home then go for it (but get the ward to help you out if you do anything... you shouldn't be doing it alone)... it makes no difference to me!!! But, if you could do me a huge favor and see when I've got to speak in the ward that would be great! LOL...

Time is flying! We are already in the middle of the change and I'll be heading to the temple this week for the last time in Santiago (apparently they will be doing maintenance from the 15th to the 29th of August). My next P-day has already been planned by several members & investigators here in Dorsal and people are signing up to give me the last lunch with their family! AHHH!!! Everything is working against my staying focused in the mission! It feels like time has passed by so fast... I remember being in Payson and in the MTC like it was yesterday!

Hope the "warm weather" isn't killing ya'll too quickly! We are starting to warm up a little bit here and today is a great day, weatherwise. We are going to be headed to Cerro San Cristobal for my last time to take some killer photos of Santiago! It's going to be a pretty fun day!

Has Lufkin changed much since I've been away, or am I still going to be able to get around fairly easily? I can't imagine at all the changes that happen in 2 years. I don't feel that different because I've been with myself the whole time. As for everyone and everything at home, my mind can't fathom that it has continued progressing... I know everything is different, but my mind put Texas on pause when I left and now I've missed 2 years of the production (the movie)!!! LOL... Crazy analogy, but that's how I can best explain what I feel!

I love ya'll and I'm starting to get anxious to see everyone! I need lots of prayers these next 3 weeks!!!

Miss ya'll and I'll be seeing ya'll very, very soon! ¡Todo mi amor!

-- Élder Todd

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