Saturday, January 29, 2011

Circunvalacion 1 - Week #5

WORK, Work, work!

I'm officially convinced that missionaries need a vacation, at least office workers anyways! This week has brought around several big changes here in the mission office. Unfortunately, I can't spill the beans until after changes tomorrow night. After my interview on Monday I was a little more assured of my purpose in the office, but President tried to leave me hanging and planted a little bit of doubt in the back of my mind. Anyways, I've got a pretty good idea of what is going to happen to me tomorrow night, but we'll find out for sure then.

The Taylor's have now been assigned to work in the mission office for a time. Elder Taylor previously worked as a business consultant, helping corporations to improve and become more efficient... now he is here in the mission office doing exactly that. We are excited about all that is going on and the extra help that we have to do our jobs better and prepare for the big office move coming up at the beginning of April! Woot, woot! It is possible that this next little while will be pretty crazy (*wink, wink*).

This morning a few of us went out to Quilicura to play a little bit of Frisbee, the whole ordeal turned more into soccer & basketball, but we had a good time. A couple of the sisters in the zone got a little snippy and basically exiled us from the zone picture because we didn't have on the Quilicura shirts that they had made... Pardon Me!!! LOL. Also this afternoon we will be doing another office barbeque for our P-day to end the change off with a bang. It should be pretty chill and relaxing, and the food will definitely be good since our resident chef, Elder Driscoll, will be cooking.

Bummer that everyone's sick at home! That's not fun at all! I'll keep my fingers crossed that Mom & Dad don't get the same bug. You got my mouth watering when you mentioned Cooley soup... AHH!!!

Ryan sent me a letter on Wednesday, I think it was, and now he's 1/6th of the way done with his stay in the MTC... oh what fun! I'll see if I can get a letter off to him today (unfortunately it should probably be conventional I hope it makes it to him before he leave for the field). I was so excited to hear that he'd be leaving for the mission, and now we're serving together! Good to hear that his little get together was a success. It's kinda weird to me that he was set apart on Sunday but didn't leave until Wednesday morning, oh well, not my decision. And the whole being nervous thing kinda goes with the territory, I mean, this isn't a day trip after all.

Sounds like things in Gabe's little world are starting to kick into gear. He's got a job, practicing driving, setting goals, etc. etc. It's good that he thinks he wants to go on a mission, but he really needs to know that he wants to go on a mission. The mission isn't an easy place, you've got to be sure you want to be here or you won't stay... I've seen it too many times.

Work in our sector this week was kind of drowned out with office work. We are definitely working on refining the way we do things here and this next change will definitely be the refiner's fire for those who are still left (we'll see if I'm among those few). Carlos did not go to church last Sunday, but has plans to attend tomorrow. His addiction is currently stable, but he has definitely made improvement from a couple of weeks ago.

Good to hear that work is going pretty well with everybody for now. The whole family is finally working... we are getting older! LOL. Keep on keepin' on with everything, and send me some more pictures of the house! I want to see the progress. It's also cool to hear that something for the house came out of Chile, guess there are more exports from here than just copper!

Hope that everyone has an excellent week!!! I love ya'll bunches and miss ya too! Get to feeling better, we wouldn't want a whole bunch of sickos hanging around the house for too long!

¡Todo mi amor!

-- Élder Todd

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