Saturday, January 1, 2011

Circunvalacion 1 - Week #1

Feliz Año!

It is officially January 1, 2011, and I'm already starting off the new year with a few changes... (y un poquito de rabia)... As you can probably tell I've returned to the Dark Side of the Force!!! (aka "The Office). I thought I was safe as soon as we had changes the week of Christmas, but I'm back in my same position as before (kinda), training Elder Smith in everything that he couldn't learn without me. I can't really say that I missed it at all here, but what can you do?

My P-days for at least the next 2 weeks are Saturday, it looks like Elder Driscoll (mission secretary) still hasn't been well informed if I'll be here for 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or longer. So once again, I'm stuck in limbo waiting to see what happens next. With all of the changes and stuff I'm being forced to learn to be flexible! I can't plan for ANYTHING without something not going according to plan. Elder Moore is now in Los Conquistadores with Elder Diaz, so hopefully everything will go pretty well with them. I'm going to miss the sector!

Any-who... New Year's Eve was pretty cool. We had the chance to see the fireworks over Cerro Renca (my old sector) last night, the show was pretty long, about 20 minutes, and they ended it lighting a sign they put, similar to the Hollywood sign, that says "Renca La Lleva" (very, very flaite...[gangster]). But we got to see that at midnight and then we chilled for a little while before going to sleep.

I'm excited to hear that the Whitworth family will be going to receive their endowments and be sealed as a family, that will be great for all of them and especially for Ryan! His departure date is getting pretty close. WooHoo!!! Bummer that ya'll won't be able to go with them.

So I'm hoping that how my last 2 days have been, like Dad said, aren't an indication of how this year, 2011, will be!!! I'm REALLY hoping that!!! I'm starting out with pretty low excitement levels because of this change to the office, I'm feeling like a tool... but I'll live! We'll see if I can learn something else here in the office for the time that I'm here, or if I'm just here for another reason... guess we'll find out pretty soon.

Well I don't have a lot of news since I'm not still in Los Conquistadores and since I've only been in the office again for about 2 hours, so I think I'll end with this short little note.

Love ya'll and miss ya'll bunches! Please pray for me!!! I'm alright but I still need the help.

¡Todo mi amor!

-- Élder Todd

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