Saturday, January 22, 2011

Circunvalacion 1 - Week #4

¡Hola Familia!

Another whirlwind week has come to an end... finally. This last week was probably one of the longest weeks I've had in my mission; it felt like it would never it. It's not that this week was stressful or crazy busy or anything of the sort, it was just a very long, drawn-out week. Now we are starting week 6 of the change and a few of us are kind of up in the air as to what it going to happen the end of next week. We have interviews with President on Monday and there we will see if he would like to shed a little more light on the subject.

Last week we were able to start sharing with one of my former investigators from the first time I was here in the office. I'm sure everybody will remember Carlos from as much as I talked about him in my letters home. Well, we are once again sharing with him and he is currently once again preparing for a baptism, the 13th of February. The big obstacle is that he is trying to stop smoking, and sometimes succeeds better than others, so we are working closely on that goal with him and so far he seems to be making a little bit of progression.

The countdown to take-off is almost over for Ryan! I can't believe that he enters the MTC in less than a week, and he'll be out in the field in less than a month!!! AHHH! He and I won't see each other for about 3 & 1/2 years. That could happen with Gabe too! **HINT, HINT**. It's good to see the change that he has made and that his family has made in this time that I've been away from home. I always knew there was a lot of potential there, but I wasn't sure how that could be awakened.

So Gabe is working for RMC again? What's he going to be doing there? I hope it is a lot less Facebook than it was before. And planning to get a driver's license. Woot, woot! (the "Aggie Spirit" has gotten shoved back into me during the mission). It is good to see that 2011 has brought about a little bit of change so far... now we just need to shove the mission preparation into full gear and we won't be having any problems.

Since Dad will be speaking in Nacogdoches tomorrow that means I should be getting a copy of his talk in Spanish, right? Sounds like the house is doing pretty good too. You've dodged a couple of bullets with the cold temperatures in the last couple of weeks... I miss the cold! I'd trade my 90-something degrees for the 20 degree temperatures right about now! Oh, and in comment to last weeks letter, I'm kind of disappointed that Jared hasn't found his future wife yet... I mean he has been at BYU-I for a couple of weeks! LOL. I hope he is enjoying it up there. I'm not sure if I'd like BYU-I, they've got a lot of rules (specifically dress code) that are pretty extreme, but oh well.

I'm waiting patiently on the mission stories. I know how the time constraints are; been there, done that, still in the process!

Not much other news coming from the other side of the world! We are pretty boring people down here, but we're trying to change that.

Love ya'll and miss ya'll bunches!

-- Élder Todd

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