Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dorsal 1 - Week #10

Howdy All!!!

This has been a fairly uneventful week here in Dorsal. Training is going fairly well still, I realized that I'm not having quite as much fun as I did the first time, but we're making it through. There's nothing that can keep you on your toes more than a new missionary! LOL... It really does help that Elder Fuentes in Latino and I don't have to try to help him learn Spanish in the midst of everything else.

From the sounds of it my week was way more peaceful than yours! We've been busy teaching and hurrying from on side of our sector to the other, but it sounds like ya'll have been all over the state! Saturday & Sunday sounded way more fun than usual, I kinda wish I had been there for all of the excitement & especially for the Jubilee, but at least there will be a video of the presentation!

I just had the realization this week that I can now count the number of weeks I have in the mission without using all of my fingers... oops! The feelings that are coming at this point are mixed. I'm getting really tired of all of the jokes that the members make about me being trunky, because a trunky missionary doesn't work and we are taking out the trash (sacando la mugre)! I'm kinda ready to be home to be able to see everybody, but I'm glad I've still got some time left in the mission... LOL

What's up with Gabe & Ryah skipping out on church to go to Warped Tour? And travelling with a bunch of people their age to San Antonio to do so? That's wack!!! LOL... I don't know that I really missed out on much as I imagine there weren't too many bands at the concert that I like...

Good to hear that the move is still progressing, hope that everything can get finished up this week for Aunt Katie's visit... or at least within the next 9 weeks for somebody else's "visit"! Good luck finding something exciting in Lufkin to show the family, after all they did want to see where we live. How long are they going to be in Lufkin?

Tomorrow is the day we've all been anticipating for a while... President Essig arrives at 7:30 tomorrow morning and officially takes over a mission president of the great Chile Santiago North Mission! President & Hermana May will be with the Essig's for a couple of hours and as far as I know will be travelling tomorrow night. We have zone conference on Friday with the Essig's to meet them and for them to get to know the mission, and next week we have interviews.

I almost forgot to mention that on Wednesday we had the opportunity to have specialized training with the May's. It was more of a farewell than a specialized training and they ended up speaking a lot on what happens when the "mission" is over here. There were several points in the meeting that I teared up pretty good, but I don't think this is the last that I'll be seeing them!

Time is flying and pretty soon I'll be headed to Miami in route to Texas! Be sure to have lots of people waiting for me at the airport... LOL! Actually just ya'll is fine by me.

Love ya'll and miss ya'll! Try to get some rest after this exciting weekend...


-- Élder Todd

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