Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dorsal 1 - Week #11

"It's Independence Day!!!"

Happy 4th of July everybody, here in Chile to celebrate they raised the Chilean flag at La Moneda, not... they are actually celebrating the anniversary of the creation of the Chilean congress today. So much for Chile letting somebody else have a holiday for a change!

So all I can really say is bummer about the ban on fires and fireworks, it just had to happen for the 4th didn't it! Either way, you can't use fireworks in the city limits of Lufkin regardless... Either way, hope that you can see enough of the lightshow from the house, I wouldn't be surprised if Ryah takes it upon herself to climb on the roof to see the whole show!

The celebrations here in Santiago look like they really aren't going to exist. Bummer! Apart from that today is going to be a really poor day to do proselyting as Chile & Mexico play tonight as part of La Copa America (futbol). Elder Garza, the missionary from Monterrey in our same ward, is bound and determined that Mexico is going to win, but I sure hope not... It's very difficult to not stay informed of the score when the whole world goes wild every time someone makes a goal!

Before I get to commenting too much on your e-mails I'm going to start with how our week went. Up until yesterday we were having some success but a few of the focuses that we had put weren't completing very well. We've had a hard time recently helping people make goals for baptism, but thanks to fast Sunday that all changed... Yesterday I woke up not entirely happy and really wanting to eat, but I withstood the hunger pangs and pushed forward. At the beginning of church one of our investigators, Ana, mentioned to us that she wanted to speak with us, but due to the time constraints we weren't able to speak at that moment. The entire block of meetings passed the same way without the opportunity to converse. Right before we left Ana again mentioned that she wanted to talk to us and I stepped off to the side to talk to her. The conversation kind of surprised me as she had a fairly serious look on her face. The first thing she mentioned to me was this, "I want to be baptized, and I want you to baptize me!" WooHoo!!! We then set a baptismal goal for her and her 10 year-old daughter, Francisca, for the 17th of this month.

After this encounter I was speaking with Elder Fuentes and mentioned what had occurred. Without having realized it, both Elder Fuentes and I had be fasting for Ana & her family (among other people), that they might be able to take the steps necessary and be baptized to show their willingness to follow our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Let's put it this way... I've now got a testimony of fasting!

Also this week we had the opportunity to meet President & Sister Essig and their 18 year-old son, Tom, who will begin his mission in August bound for the Chile Osorno Mission. There were several very noticeable differences between the May's and the Essig's, but I was particularly impressed with the immediate outpouring of love shown not only by Hermana Essig, but Presidente Essig as well. The contrast is instantly obvious between the 2 mission presidents that I've had. I'm excited to get to know President Essig better; we have interviews in our zone tomorrow so I don't think I'll have to wait too long.

I'm excited to hear that the Hendrickson family is officially moved to the "Hen House". That's been a long time in the making, but I'm glad it is finally considered official! I can believe that the "house pets" (how dare I call them that...) didn't adapt too well in the beginning, but I'm sure the long staircase will be a source of lots of fun and/or accidents later...

Sounds like lots of things are changing in the lives of some friends. Jared is still at BYU-I and after a semester is still single... LOL. Quentin gets home very, very soon (I was thinking of that the other day) and will be headed out not to long after; I'm sure Sister Boyer isn't super fond of that idea. And when are the Reese's moving? It's summer, so that shouldn't be too far away... Am I right?

Stay safe with the burn bans and everything back home! Mom, I'm anxiously awaiting the drawings from your Primary class, hope they come soon!

I love you all and miss you bunches, but there is only 1 more fast Sunday before I get home!

¡Todo mi amor!

-- Élder Todd

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