Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dorsal 1 - Week #9

Happy Father's Day!... and Juneteenth! (a little late)...

Howdy all! I can't believe that last week I forgot to mention happy father's day, I even had it written down, but my mind has been kind of a mess this last week. I've had a hard time remembering things this past week, and it caused us a little lost time and a couple people to be not too happy wit me... oh well!

Week 2 of training went off without much of a hitch, we had a training meeting (Fase 1) on Friday. When we entered the mission home Friday morning the fact that President & Hermana May are almost gone hit me pretty hard. Almost all of the family pictures and keepsakes were taken down and replaced with gospel art and there was a crew that was there working on repainting the whole place. It was, however, interesting to see how the oldest Church owned property here in Chile looks brand new on the inside... President & Hermana May leave on the 28th of this month with President & Hermana Essig arriving the same day, that means that these next 3 weeks are going to be very busy with training meetings, zone conferences, and interviews... Yuck!

I didn't know what Dad got for Father's Day, but I'm sure the GPS was really handy for the trip to So. Cal. Before I left the office I had the task of programming a GPS with all of the chapels in the mission for when the Essig's arrive... I can't say it was fun to program, but it was fun to test out; unfortunately the GPS in Chile are missing a few streets and don't normally take you in the easiest route to follow! But I'm glad to hear that the whole trip went down without much of a hitch!

It's exciting to hear that the house is well on its way to being completely moved! You've got a big task of having everything ready within 2 weeks for Aunt Katie's visit. Who is Destiny? Either way, I hope you can get some time off to spend with them and show them around the thriving metropolis of Lufkin! (If not I guess Ryah will have to do it). At least it will all be organized by the time I get home, except my room of course...

Sounds like Youth Conference is going to be a blast; you'll have to let me know how the performance goes! I wish we had done something like that while I was in the youth program, but at least Ryah is getting to participate. Best of luck to all who are participating!

I'm sure Mom is "patiently" counting the days until the end of August, but she's not the only one... There is a member in our ward who informed me on Saturday that I'll be home in 73 days, that means it is only 71 days from today! But who's counting?...

Hope that the firefighters can get the crazy wild fires under control before too much more damage is caused. The weather isn't conducive to helping things here in Chile or back home! We've had lots of rain over about 2/3 of the country and it has caused some pretty good damage along the coast!

I feel like I've taken a long time to write a little bit this week. We stayed pretty stable in the work and I've just been a little out of it, not sure why! I'm having a hard time focusing today too, but at least I'm in a Ciber (Internet place) that plays good music (right now "Sweet Child of Mine")!

Love ya'll and miss ya'll more everyday! Time is flying!


-- Élder Todd

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