Monday, May 3, 2010

Lo Ovalle 1 - Week #17 (ó Lo Ovalle 1 - Otra Vez)

¡Hola Familia!

This has been a really fast week with a good ending... Yesterday we had the opportunity to baptize one investigator, named Ian (12 years-old), and help him take the next step in his Gospel journey. Unfortunately his mom was not able to be baptized because of some technical difficulties and we will be working with that either this next weekend or in 2 more weeks (depends on if we can reschedule lunches for this weekend with the phone calls and everything).

Currently I'm sitting in "limbo" between Lo Ovalle 3 & Lo Ovalle 1... we basically eliminated Lo Ovalle 3 last night, but it seems as far as the mission was concerned we didn't even exist in the first place... LOL! (I feel loved!!!). Elder Jensen and Elder Diaz leave for the office tonight and will be sleeping in the apartments there tonight. They will be flying to Concepción early tomorrow morning to join with the rest of their mission! This time with them has been fun, but tough at the same time... As we all know I'm one to clash heads and unfortunately there have been a few clashes in the past couple weeks, fortunately we've still been able to maintain a good relationship though and we look forward to hearing of their success en el Sur.

Like I said, yesterday [Sunday, May 2] we had a baptism of Ian Stumpf. The service was done with that of a 8 year-old from the ward. Almost every aspect of the service was a missionaries worst nightmare and somehow Jacqueline (Ian's mom, who was also going to be baptized) was able to feel the Spirit super strongly. All-in-all it turned out to be a good experience that will shortly be written in my journal of converts. The whole family of Ian is progressing and we are hoping to baptize his mom and dad, Freddy, soon.

Congratulations to Gabey and to Ryan Whitworth!!! Now that you are ordained to the office of Elder in the Melchizedek Priesthood you've just got to do everything that you can to attach that little black and white name tag to your chest that says who you are!!! "We are not the ordinary... fearlessly extraordinary..." It feels so great to be able to show to the world who you are, and WHO you represent!

Life there sounds like it has sped up and is moving in more directions than when I was at home... I can't really say that I miss it! People here always ask us if we miss our country... my answer is almost always (if not always) NO. I don't really miss the United States en si... I really don't miss having to worry about all of the political stuff and all that mess, what I do miss is my family. Apart from the U.S.A. being where I grew up the only real connection that I have to it (apart from my loyalty... clearly) is that it is where y'all are!!! I feel blessed to be an American, but I can't say that I really miss being there (especially since wherever I go in the world I'll always be an American).

Sorry for my little patriotic spill that I threw in there... it kinda caught me off guard when I started typing it, but I figured I might as well finish. But sounds like work is busy... I haven't heard from Gabe and Ryah in a while and I'm not sure why!!! ¡Escribanme no más niños! Also if y'all can try to send me pictures of the family and what is going on right now! Please!!! Just as a side note... Did Ryah ever send that package with the souvenir from NYC??? (Cause if so I never got it... or por lo menos still haven't gotten it).

I love you all and miss you... look forward to talking to you on Sunday! Hope you've all brushed up on your Spanish or that you've talked Dad into translating because I only know how to write in English now and can barely speak it... LOL! (Mom, you just think I'm joking!!!).

¡Todo mi amor y cariño! ¡Mis oraciones siempre están consigo!

-- Élder Todd

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