Monday, April 26, 2010

Lo Ovalle 3 - Week #3

¡Hola Familia!

It is my third and final week in Lo Ovalle 3 with Elder Jensen. Here in another week I'll be having special changes again, hoping to return to Lo Ovalle 1 with Elder Davenport (as of right now that is the plan of everyone I've talked to that has any information). Woot Woot!!!

This last week was a little bit better than the week before, until Friday or Saturday (I don't remember... the days are all one big blur). Now we are on the uphill climb in our companionship and working as hard as we can to baptize 2 people this next Sunday. The Stumpf Family that we've been teaching for the past little while are starting to have desires to be baptized... Jaquelin (the mom) and Ian (12) will be taking the jump this week and Freddy (the dad) has decided to wait and keep preparing. It feels great to find families and work with them to complete the goal together... but here it seems like the fathers are a little bit difficult, thus the last 3 families have had everyone baptized except the dads (including this one).

Mom: I knew the links were in Spanish... but I'm glad you found Google Translator, and I thought Dad might translate for you too. If not I'll translate them here in 16 months or so. And I'm still not counting the days to Mother's Day... but I do know when it is.

Sounds like life is moving pretty good at home, wish I could be there to see the changes with everything. And try to send me pictures as soon as you can... PLEASE!!! And Ryah is going to Prom? With a date or a group? And who?

Congratulations to Gabe for getting ready to be ordained as an Elder... it is kinda a lot of responsibility, but be sure to use the Priesthood when you can! Now you've only got to find a job and get in the driver's seat so you can get headed towards the mission field.

So even more than usual this week has been slow and full of absolutely no excitement... no earthquakes, no baptisms, no flaites [gangsters... más o menos] throwing rocks at us... LOL. The only thing interesting is that Elder Marin, one of the zone leaders, was in intercambios the other day with Elder Davenport and bugged me about half of the night telling me that he was going to send me to The Office (of the mission). Other than that there was absolutely nothing.

As I said last week I'm really learning a lot about myself and seeing changes that are happening with me. I'm not the same person I was, after some of what has happened in the mission I don't know how I could be. It scares me to see the kind of missionary that can go to the mission and not go home changed! After all this is the Lord's work, it is His time, and we are His servants...

I love this work with all my heart and the opportunity that I have to grow closer to my Heavenly Father through this great and marvellous work. I hope I can continue to see changes in myself and help others also to find out how great of a change that true conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ can truly make.

I love and miss y'all! Talk to you in a couple weeks. And sorry that the letter was short today!!!

¡Todo mi amor y cariño!

-- Élder Todd

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