Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MTC Week #5

Can anybody believe I've been in the MTC for 4 weeks? And we've only got 4 & 1/2 more until we fly out to the field! We should get travel plans in about 2 weeks from tomorrow (or 3 weeks, not really sure)... Texas weather sounds nice right now, Utah is cooling off and the lack of moisture & humidity is killing me! But, for the most part it is nice here right now. Our zon leaders leave Monday at 3:00 AM for Mexico, so new zone leaders will be assigned Sunday morning. Unfortunately, President Greenwood (our branch president) has take a particular liking to our district. :( . And also working against us it that my companion & I really don't want the assignment. In 2 weeks we will also be the oldest district in our zone because 40-C leaves a week from Monday...AHHH!!! Shout Out: I got a letter from Angela this week, it seems she'll be in Utah celebrating my birthday without me (this weekend)! It is good to hear that Sis. Gilbert is doing better. But it is a bummer to know that nobody from church is writing me or responding to my letters, all I've gotten is one card. Thank you Lufkin 1st Ward Primary! So if anyone from church is reading this on the blog, I NEED MAIL!!! LOL...but for real, seriously! Good to hear that Geenan got my letter.

Gabe & Ryah: You are both bums, I've only gotten one substantial letter from each of you in these 4 weeks. WRITE MORE!!! How is school Ryah? How is having no school Gabe?

Dad: I got your e-mail and the DearElder, and after several attempts I was able to get both of the attached talks. I read the English but haven't gotten to the Spanish yet. Fun experience with Spanish: my companion struggles some with his Spanish since he doesn't have a whole lot of background with it. Anyways, on Tuesdays we teach a lesson in what is called the TRC (Teaching Resource Center). In this lesson we always have a task (get to know someone, make a contact, teach about prayer, etc.) in Spanish at the beginning and until next week we teach in English for the actual lesson. We yesterday (Tuesday) we taught Sister Ortinez (yes a native) from Mexico City in our task about how to pray and extended a compromiso to hold nightly prayer as a family. After the task we had about 5 minutes prep time to get ready for the actual lesson. The lesson was "Predicad Mi Evangelio" - Lesson 2: The Plan of Salvation. Suffice it to say we ended up teaching una parte de Lección Dos: El Plan de Salvación (up to La Muerte Física). Our teachers kinda persuaded us to teach solamente en español, which we are glad we did (now). My Spanish has grown so much in the last 4 weeks.

Mom: Sick!!! That sucks, I think I'm finally better! Just a quick note about the cookies, the elevation change between Texas & Utah turns them into dust within a few days of getting here. I haven't had cause to use the sweaters yet, unfortunately, but soon though. And by the time I come home I expect you to be fluent in Spanish, :D. It is ok if my birthday package doesn't make it here in time for Sunday. Thanks for the hoodie, I haven't had to use it yet either. And about Jason, our investigator. He is meeting with the missionaries in New Jersey, we don't really ever to get to meet them even if they are local. I've got another potential investigator that I'm going to e-mail tomorrow, he is in Spain. And thanks for thrying to get those addresses!

It's good to hear how everything is at home. We got to do initiatories at the temple today, woot! It was good to remember my own. Tuesday night devotional was by Elder L. Whitney Clayton of the Presidency of the Seventy. I was told we "might" get another apostle before we leave. Tomorrow marks the first day of almost all facets of our MTC experience being conducted almost completely in Spanish. And thus begins the 4 week long headache (literally).

I'm so grateful for my time here, but I do miss everyone at home. Lots of love to all.


-- Todd

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