Wednesday, September 16, 2009

16-September 2009

Querido Familia,

It is P-day of course. I'm going to write this e-mail and send it in letter form, just in case, so you may get this twice (mor like should). I'm also going to send my receipts for you Mom, it all makes sense I promise (and it was typhoid & the second hepatitis A shot). That sucks about Sis. Gilbert, my prayers are definitely in her behalf. I can only get a haircut on Wednesdays (P-day) and they've only got one barber that day, hopefully next week. I would cut my own hair but they say no because it is hard to clean up after. And the bookstore expenses are mostly miscelaneous stuff.

Dad: Good luck on Sunday, I heard you have to translate the talk to español, let me know how that goes. And unfortunately we don´t get to go to BYU for Tuesday morning devotionals, but we do get our own on Tuesday nights. Last night we had...Elder Jeffrey R. Holland! He focused alot on the mission being "real life" and how if we do this mission the right way nothing at home will ever feel "right". Another major focus was that we should use the only weapon we have: OUR WORDS, and should never hesitate to open our mouths. The Spirit all day yesterday was so strong.

Mom: Texas weather sounds nice right now, Utah has been all over the place since last Thursday or so. Everything here is great, time is flying! I wrote Sis. Boyer last week and might again today if I get time. Belli & Beau are silly, I'm sure they think something bad happened to me or something. Goo luck to Ryah with the job & NHS, is Mrs. Weathers still sponsoring? Get Ryah to give my blog address to a few of my favorite teachers (she should know who they are).

Oh yeah! About my companion...His name is Elder Jackson McKade Christensen and he is from Taylorsville, Utah (outside Salt Lake City). He is very athletic and claims to have 5 horns (lol)! He is a convert, baptized at age 15. We get along pretty well (about 99% of the time). We've figured out how to teach really well together, especially with his rock solid testimony & conversion story! He just turned 19 in June and will be serving in Chile Santiago North too.

Today we of course had the opportunity to go to the temple and participate in...sealings. I acted as witness & proxy for sons. It was nice to go back and try to remember some of the experience we had in LA (eventhough it was slightly different circumstances). This has been a really good past couple of days!!!

I want to end with my love for all of you and my testimony of this great work. I know there is no other place in this world, or even universe, that I should or would rather be than to be serving a mission & going about the Lord's work. I love this gospel with all my heart. I know, like Elder Holland, that "This only comes around once...this is real life." I wouldn't trade even the experiences I've had in these first three weeks for all that the world has to offer!!!

I love you all and my prayers are with you always.

With all my heart,

-- "Elder" Todd (Hendrickson)

P.S. Can you please start putting the date on your e-mails, the one on our server is off for some reason?

P.P.S. Elder Holland's message was unique in that he restated, almost word for word, some of the comments our teachers have said over the last couple of days and focused more on when we come home than most of the other devotionals/firesides have.

Just a little gem to think about: John 15:15-16. Try to liken it to the call of "every member a missionary".

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