Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Renca 1 - Week #2

Hey Family!

Sorry you caught me in such low spirits last week, it was kind of a
tough change and unfortunately all of the fun isn't over yet but we
should have a faint idea this afternoon of how we can get Elder Smith
trained at least a little bit. Last night I was on interchanges with
the office and I realized exactly how much I don't want to be back
there again. I think sometimes it takes a look from the outside to
realize what exactly you're not missing out on! Either way...

As for good news. I'm absolutely loving my new sector, Renca 1, and
I'm enjoying very much this time with Elder Nàjera. He is a convert of
about 3 years, 22 years-old, and is from Pachuca Hidalgo, México. The
only downside is that he says he is terible sonso [terribly dumb], but
it is fun for me. El tiene cabeza de pollo a veces pero ha hecho esta
semana algo fuera de la rutina que estoy acostumbrado. Sorry that was
in Spanish, but Dad can translate it for ya! I'm finally in a ward
again that functions like it should, our bishop comes to church as
well as most of the leaders, unfortunately there are A LOT of less

This weekend was full of all sorts of amazingness (lol). We had the
Primary presentation in our Sacrament Meeting on Sunday, it was a
treat but I really miss the organization and the enthusiasm of the
Primary programs in the US, that is something you don't get here in
Chile. Also after church we were able to participate in a baptism!!!
Jorge "Jorgito" Carrasco, the 9 year-old son of a family is recently
returning to activity in the church was baptized and we were able to
complete a family. The mom and dad were previously sealed in the
temple with the children being "born in the covenant" but fell away
for a good while, now they are active again and will soon have their
temple blessings restored. It is amazing that the change the Gospel
can make... but only if the people let it!

Today we are here in Santiago Centro enjoying a little bit of the
city, we didn't have a real clear plan on what we are going to do
today, but we decided that the micro that would take us from our
apartment buildings to the center wouldn't be such a bad move. I'm
excited to have a P-day that I don't really have to worry about
working on projects or meeting deadlines or stuff like that, so we'll
see how it turns out. Also just a quick fun fact, I now live next to
the big hill that I sent a picture of with myself, Elder Davenport,
and Elder Diaz on top... and I'm crazy enough that I committed to
climb it again this Saturday, and in time to see the sunrise! (That's
putting us leaving the house at about 5:00 AM).

Another tidbit! I'm now officially an English teacher. I teach an
English class to about 10-15 students every Thursday and Saturday in
the ward building. Elder Nàjera told me that normally about 3-4
students showed up, but I got there on Thursday and we ended the class
with about 15! AHHH!!! It is kind of stressful, but I'm enjoying it so
far. Also one of our investigators is studying to be an English
teacher. He has been studying for 4 years or so and yesterday offered
to help me with the classes when he could! The fun part about the
classes is that almost everyone in attendence is above the basic
English level, that complicates things for me a little bit.

This week looks like it should be pretty busy. We've got a Zone
Conference with Elder Corbridge from the Area Presidency on Wednesday
and Thursday (our zone on Wednesday). He will also be doing a mission
tour, which very few people know, but I'm not entirely sure what that
entails exactly... I guess we'll see!

So far the stress level has lowered tremendously, and I'm hoping it
stays that way for a while. I guess we'll see throughout the rest of
the change.

Thanks for the house pictures! I'm getting excited now too, it would
be great to have it all decorated for Christmas with all of those
shiny floors. It sounds like you're not lacking to much to finish, but
I know there are always little details that are important too. Keep
the pictures coming!!!

Also I was super excited to hear about Brad and his family, I'm sure
ya'll are getting really excited now as are they,and the missionaries
of course! I love how the work goes when the members are involved, it
is so much smoother. Also Ryan is going to Independence Missouri!!!
I'm super jealous!!! I'm guessing that he will be speaking English,
either way I've got several "conocidos" (missionaries that I met in
the MTC) that are there right now speaking Spanish. It ought to be
really cool to see all of the Church History and stuff around there!!!
I'm sure he is exstatic, but he's still got a little over 2 months til
he leaves... I know how the waiting goes!!! LOL.

I'm looking forward to being in this sector for Christmas, we've
already got lunch on Christmas day and the home where we will be
making/receiving phone calls lined out. If all goes well, President
May won't be doing too many changesw before Christmas, he just mixed
the mission up pretty well to be able to avoid that right there at the
holiday! It is tough to be away from home, but I'd have to say (from
experience) that it is more tough to be in a new place as well!

Well,I think that is about all I've got for this week! I love you all
and hope that you have a great week! Miss ya'll bunches!

¡Todo mi amor! ¡Muchos besitos!

-- Élder Todd

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