Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Circunvalacion 1 - week #24

Good Morning, Good Morning!!!

Jumping right into it... We had an amazing baptism last Sunday afternoon for Margarita!!! The whole service came off without a hitch and the Spirit was felt very strongly, amazingly enough a few of the kids from our condominiums came with Margarita's 11 year-old son (and our next baptism), Fabián. Also Margarita's older daughter came as well and she really did feel the Spirit very strongly, we have hopes that she will soon begin to share with us. From what I've come to know of Margarita, she has a very deep desire to share the Gospel with her family, this is working out very much to our advantage.

Our converts here in Circunvalación have the testimonies that they need to be able to stay active in the Church 10... 20... 40 years from now! I feel great about having had the blessing to be involved in their conversion, even though many times it was only as a spectator. Margarita will be confirmed this Sunday in Sacrament Meeting in the which she will be armed with the Holy Ghost and ready to meet anything that comes in her path.

Last night brought some surprising news for us here in the office, Elder Johns received a call about 10:35 PM from President May announcing what has become routine for me... yes, special changes. Elder Johns is currently on his way to San Pablo to be with Elder Vega, whose old companion will be coming to the office for the weekend to wait for normal changes on Monday. We were kinda bummed to see him go, but we all knew it would be coming sooner or later. For now Elder Driscoll has a temporary companion and will probably be with one of the 3 of us come Monday morning. As everyone knows, we have changes tomorrow night and will be running in every direction possible for the next 2 days. Our new missionaries will be coming in on Monday instead of Tuesday, so that really complicates the whole schedule and everything for these next couple of days.

I did finally receive my Halloween package on Wednesday, it really brightened up my day!!! I'm currently sitting here at my desk enjoying a few of the fruits of it, as a matter of fact. Even the little things cane amaze a missionary or make a pretty big difference. It takes us out of the routine of things, which is good to do every once in a while!

That is great that you have been talking to Sandra!!! I saw that family right around my birthday and it was great to hear how they are doing. I'd have to honestly say that they are my adopted family here in Chile! Keep writing her and pushing that they prepare to go to the temple (before I leave!!!). We've got retention working on them from all sides... jajajaja!!! [Spanish hahahaha]. Also try to keep them posted on how I'm doing, it is kinda tough for us to keep in touch because everything is through the mission mail system, which relies on the missionaries, (which doesn't work real well).

It does not feel like deer season should be starting, or like we should be getting fairly close to Christmas either. We are constantly warming up here, it has been close to 30°C this week and doesn't look like it will be getting cool, yet we have Christmas songs playing in the cars!!! LOL! Closer to the end of this month we'll be decorating the office and all that jazz, ought to be fun. And we'll see tomorrow if I'm still in here for Christmas or if I get to a new sector just a few days before (just like last year).

I'm excited to hear how the project is coming along, and I'm excited to see it!!! [*HINT, HINT*]. I can't wait, as I'm sure ya'll can't either, until it is done and the family can move in. You don't have to be sad either about finishing the big project, because "there will always be another project".

Thanks Dad for sending me the cool news on Carthage, that would be amazing to see a branch of the Church started out there!!! I'm guessing that the High Council is very heavily involved in the planning and creation process of that possible branch. Is Brother Sanders still heading that up on the southern end of the stake? And what is you assignment in the High Council, I know you are assigned to the Spanish branch but does it go más allá que eso? It is very exciting to see the work that is going in behind the split of the stake, we'll see what happens in the coming months and years!

Also just to let everyone know, Halloween this last weekend was the biggest that it has ever been in Chile. On Sunday night we were on the way out from the Taylor's home and were basically attacked by a bunch of costumed midgets. Here is the story as Elder Moore tells it:

"Halloween is becoming something rather big down here. There were trick -or-treaters down here. Except their deal is, they carry eggs with them and if you don’t have candy or answer your door, they egg you. That’s right. They egg you. It looks like all the American traditions that they adapt down here, they learn from the movies and I guess that happens in the movies. I had an army of 15 angry, yet, lovely children threatening to open fire if I didn’t cough up the goods. My mind was called back to watching the Alamo as I saw the fury in their little eyes as the ring leader called out ¡FUEGO! I love those kids. It was the same group of kids who just love seeing us; I guess it is different on the candy battlefield."

Needless to say the experience brought our fairly boring evening back to life!!!

Bummer about the World Series, but I guess I'll live. Also TCU plays Utah today in Salt Lake, ought to be a good game for everyone to watch... I'm rooting for TCU!!!

Hope ya'll don't ever forget que les amo and that I miss you bunches! Can't wait to talk to ya'll again! Have a good week and try not to work too hard!

¡Todo mi amor y muchos besitos!

-- Élder Todd

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