Monday, July 12, 2010

Circunvalacion 1 - Week #7

¡Hola Familia!

Change week is officially over!!! We only made 3 trips to the airport (1 with a two-fold purpose) and ran all over Santiago for a few days... but it was fun. I do, however, think that I'll be alright with not having changes for another 5 weeks or so!!!

Just to clarify the last e-mail... I did not get a new companion. I was actually in a trio before and my trainer here in the office left a little before changes, with a new AP coming in. Also on Monday we received another new AP, so now they are both new at this whole Assistant to the President thing. Also we received a new matrimonio in the mission, the Taylor's, from Frisco, TX (that makes 3 new missionaries from Texas this change). Además there is another new missionary in the office as pensionista, Elder Moore, from San Antonio, TX (I promise... we are finally taking over the mission).

So this week wasn't quite as crazy as I thought is would be, but either way it wasn't slow AT ALL. Unfortunately last Saturday "Ruby Tuesday's" was closed, so I ate Taco Bell instead... quite the trade-off, right?

Let me just say right now that I'm excited to see the house when it is finished! So if it gets finished before I get home you've got to put together a little video or slide show tour and send it to me, or if it is right before I get home I can wait to see it (I guess). But everything sounds like it will go great once it is all said and done...

Congratulations to Nicole and Amanda!!! I can't remember if I even knew that Amanda Pennington was pregnant... oops!!! Sorry... That's pretty funny that they don't have to get Elise a puppy now because of the new baby sister!!! LOL. (I think that is taking advantage of the system a little bit).

So this week has been a little bit slow in la obra misional, but we are working on finding more people to teach. Yesterday one of our investigators told us by phone that he and his grandmother (whom we were also teaching) would not be in town and available until AUGUST!!! Do you know how long away that is?!?!? I'm already 10 and 1/2 months done with the mission and in August I'll complete a year... even if it isn't that far away, it feels like it is a really long way away!!!

They say the mission is like a house (in structure)... the basic kind, not the whole two story Victorian kinda thing, but the kind we have here in Chile... you know the basic straight walls and a triangle roof kind! Back to the point... the mission is like a house. The first 6 months is the first wall ( | ) and feels like it takes forever... on a time scale, a vertical line straight up. The second 6 months is the first part of the roof ( / ) and goes a little bit faster. The third 6 months is the other roof piece ( \ ) and starts going a little faster, but on the downhill side. And the last 6 months is the other wall ( | ), but this time it is going in the opposite direction, going straight down. I'm about to start the transition to the other roof piece in another change or so, and I don't know what to expect! LOL.

So now that I've randomly detoured to the pointless analogy of a house I'm not sure where to go.

I love you all and miss you bunches! My prayers are always with you! And I'm thoroughly looking forward to receiving that package very soon...

Love y'all and miss y'all!!!

¡Todo mi amor y cariño! ¡BESITOS!

-- Élder Todd

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