Wednesday, December 9, 2009

El Salto 2 - Week #5

¡Hola Familia y Amigos!

You can tell that the days just start to become a blur when you've been in a foreign country for over a month and you have to look back at your last e-mail sent home to see how many weeks you've been here. We just completed week 5 in this transfer with cambios coming up next Monday! There is no telling where any of us are going or if any of us are leaving. We should find out at about 11 o'clock Sunday night! LOL.
So, right now we are sitting in the middle of Santiago (outside our sector) in a place called Plaza de Armas. This plaza is freaking huge and is full of people. Right now it is pretty tranquilo as we are sitting in a Internet business (hopefully that explains it well enough). I tried to send pictures home on CD today but the person at the business said my card had a virus...looks like I have to try another way of getting pictures to ya'll.
So this week we have really felt the effects of our stay in the hospital and the fact that my companion is still on "light duty" work... We have a couple of good investigators, but we've had to get rid of several this week and several others have told us they don't want to meet with us anymore. The work still goes on.
We did find out this week that Ernesto, our crazy schizophrenic has armies that are trying to kill us. He luckily has told them not to so we may have to keep visiting him for a little while to make sure he doesn't change his mind...LOL.
Dad, usted lo ha dicho...just when our investigators look golden they take a really big downhill turn. Raul just took one of those this week, and it doesn't look like he's coming back...unfortunately. On the other hand though we have one investigator named José Luis who is on fire (ojalá). He went to church this past Sunday (yesterday) and absolutely loved it!!! It really makes you feel good when you see somebody like that that really starts to cling to the gospel. He does have doubts though, nadie es perfecto...his was devoutly Catholic and now his son is becoming more Agnostic than anything, so he is really worried about his family. He expressed to us his wish that they would open their hearts and at least experiment with our message as he has to see if it is true for them as well. I really have the highest hopes for him!
Thanksgiving sounds like it was a success...and a party at Paw-Paw Tom's that I wasn't invited to...somebody has got to talk to him about that!!! Good to see that Dad is doing his home teaching now...LOL. Work sounds like oh so much fun for everybody! Thanksgiving here was just like any other day...we had pasta with hot dog cut up in it and a salad for our Thanksgiving almuerzo (lunch). But our mamasita does feed us good...
I also have been getting your letters on time for the past 2 weeks (today and the previous), Mom and Dad. So no worries there...but I haven't gotten a chance to print or read the talk yet. I'll try to next week when we are back in our sector.
This week is going to be crazy!!! We have interviews and Clase de Zona/Distrito on Tuesday and inspections for the pensions on Saturday...all with it being the last week of the change and cambios on Monday morning!!! AHHHHH!!! But all is well here in Chile, I'm still healthy and doing great. I've eaten everything they've given me, drink tap water on a daily basis, and eat all my vegetables...LOL. Everything in Santiago is pretty much 100% safe (as to health concerns) except for street vendors, which we are highly advised to avoid.
I love it here...and highly recommend Santiago as a vacation spot for anybody looking for something foreign outside of Europe. It is beautiful, I'm still trying to get pictures for you so be on the look out.
Love you all and hope to hear back from lots of people next week...

¡Todo mi amor! ¡Suerte!
-- Elder Todd

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