Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lo Ovalle 1 - Week #10

¡Hola Familia!
So when did anyone plan on telling me that Ryah was planning on going to New York City? This is the first I've heard about it, and she leaves Thursday. And when someone figures out why the cooler kids that attended Central High School, graduating in 2008, didn't get to do anything as cool as that, let me know. (I'm calm now...)
So in the midst of everyone hitting the beach these past couple weeks, the Lo Ovalle Ward had someone hit the water again Sunday!!! Patricia Peña got his sins washed away yesterday at 2:00 PM. It was a wonderful experience to see the change that happened in him from before the baptismal service until he left the font. And it was even more wonderful to be right beside him the whole way. (I'll get pictures sent today so you can understand. You can really see the difference in the pictures before the baptism and when we were leaving the font). It feels so good to be able to complete your purpose as a missionary, "to baptize for the remission of sins, to save souls" ("para bautizar para la remisión de los pecados para salvar almas").
Always, however, among success there is also disappointment. We had plans to have anywhere from 9-13 investigators in church this Sunday and we did everything that we could to make it happen. We extended the invitation and the commitment, followed up on the commitment, and even passed by Sunday morning to take the investigators to church. Turns out that in Sacrament Meeting we only had 2, one of those being Patricio and one being someone who was visiting with a family in our sector (and she was crazy). But we will keep doing all we can to have success in la iglesia this coming Sunday.
Also Sunday I had the opportunity to stand in on the confirmation of Nadege. It was a good experience to see someone finish the path for the remission of sins and to come into full fellowship as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. To see someone complete the steps to begin receiving the blessings of the Restored Gospel is something that we all want and something that can't be replaced.
Mommy: Just to clarify, it wasn't an earthquake. It only registered as a 4.0! If that was the strongest Chile ever got I'd be ecstatic, luckily they haven't had a big earthquake since 1986 (I think). The funny thing is that I didn't freak one little bit, unlike Elder Davenport who was practically all over the place wanting to know what was going on. I just stayed put in my kneeling position on the floor staring at him until it stopped, and then started praying again. =D
Sounds like Ryah's birthday went good, too bad you had Auntie Pasta's without me!!! I guess that's what I get for deciding to serve God for 2 years... LOL. Good luck with all of the snow again, I'm sure Ryah will hit a little bit in her trip. Hopefully y'all can avoid any damage at the house this time.
I love hearing how y'all are doing, even if you don't think you're telling me anything exciting. It is good to hear the things that seem everyday to y'all that are things that I haven't gotten to do in 6 months (and still have another 18 to go). ¡Pero no hay quejarse! I'm doing what the Lord wants and what I want to be doing too.
I love this gospel with all of my heart and the opportunity that I have to help others come unto our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to come to know Him and His Atonement for each of us. I love the knowledge that I have and the opportunity that I have to keep learning everyday and share that knowledge with others. I look forward to the continued change that I can make in the people here in the Chile Santiago North Mission and the opportunity that I have to serve them.
I love you all and miss you bunches. I look forward to hearing all of the experiences of this next week.
¡Les amo y les echo de menos muchisimo!
¡Todo mi amor!
-- Élder Todd

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