Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lo Ovalle 1 - Week #3

¡Hola Familia!

This week has flown by! I swear that the days and weeks are getting shorter and that we don't have as much time to work, but who knows! The New Year passed here in Chile without much incident...but it was kinda weird to hear the countdown in Spanish! (cinco, cuatro, tres, dos, uno...¡FELIZ AÑO! We worked as normal on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day...only thing is there was hardly anybody out on Friday! The whole población of Quilicura was practically dead until about 8:30 PM and then there were very few people.
It doesn't feel like the Holiday Season has just passed, and I'm sure that in about 6 months I'll be looking for Christmas! LOL...this opposite climate thing has got me all sorts of messed up, but it's all good... I'm sad to hear that the houses didn't look Christmas-like either! And you better do better next year!
Sorry about the new hours for church meetings, but now you've got time in the morning to get up and do your doings...and the only time you need in the afternoon is enough to send me an e-mail! And Mom, I can't believe you joined Facebook! Do you not remember that I specifically forbid you??? And did Gabe or Ryah deny your friend requests? Just because everyone is jumping off of a cliff, would you do it? (Don't answer that...)
It is hard to believe that time is flying so fast...Jared and Sean will be home before we know it! And then someone will be there to put Gabe into gear on getting his license, a job, and preparing for the mission. I encourage everyone who reads this to dilligently ask him when he is leaving for a mission! He needs a little kick in the rear to get him moving! (Love you Gabey!!! <3 ...LOL)
I would love to have cold temperatures right long as they don't come with the rain like they will here in Santiago. I've heard the drainage system in most of the sectors is practically non-existent, so most of the streets flood really bad! Joy of all joys! I can't wait...LOL
So we taught our house-full of Haitians on Friday...without our translator. The lesson was very spiritual and focused almost completely of committing them to read and pray about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and our message. Two of them also went to church with us yesterday. The problems with Haitianos normally is that they don't keep commitments and progress, but I feel like this time it will be different..."You've Gotta Have Faith".
Our other investigator, Marisel, seemed to have been avoiding us Wednesday through Saturday but turns out she is just having some health problems for the time being and hasn't been at home. This is good, because her 14 year-old son gave us the same excuse all 4 times we passed by and we thought that he was having some mental problems or something of the sort. But she still feels like she has received an answer to her prayers that this message that we bring is true and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God translate by his prophet. She seems to have every intention of going through with her baptismal date for the 24th of this we just have to get her and her family to church. (Hopefully we can baptize her 3 kids that are over 8 year-old as well.)
I apologize for my inability to spell! But don't make fun of me. I mean, what can anyone expect when you are immersed in a foreign language 24/7 for 2 and 1/2 months!
Hope everything is well at home. Send me pictures of the dog!!! Please!!!
Love you all and miss you bunches. So far the only thing I don't like about Chile is the stereotype of Texas with Walker Texas Ranger...OH MY GOSH!!! AHHHHHHH!!! LOL.

¡Todo Mi Amor!
-- Elder Todd S. Hendrickson

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